About Us

Who is SHAG?

Four die hard Cleveland (one Cinci - BOOO!!!) sports fans and card collectors from Northeast Ohio.

Why should I break with SHAG?

SHAG is not your average breaker group. We pride ourselves on having fun, getting to know our customers, and providing breaks at reasonable and affordable prices. We encourage feedback from our customers to help us identify areas we can improve in to make sure they have the best experience possible.

Oh, and by the way...we ship cards within 24 hours (most of the time sooner) of your break. BOOM!

When do we break?

Currently, we break every Wednesday and Saturday live on our YouTube channel starting at 8p EST. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter on our website to get the latest updates, discounts, and more.


Group Breaks

What is a "group break?"

Group breaks (or case breaking, ripping, etc.) are a brand new way to collect sports trading cards! Instead of purchasing an entire box or case of a particular product, you can buy a small share of a box or case which will then be unboxed and ripped live.

There are generally two types of break formats:

  • Random Team (RT)
  • Pick Your Team (PYT)

In a RT, you pay a fixed amount and are randomly assigned a team or teams if you purchase multiple entries. In a PYT, you have the option of selecting a specific team(s) at varying prices chosen by the breaker. Any cards from your team will be shipped to you after the break.

When will group breaks be added?

New group breaks are typically posted at the beginning of each week, but are also posted spontaneously throughout the day. Please be sure to be subscribed to our newsletter to be notified or just check the website frequently!

When will my group break happen?

Your group break must be “Sold Out” before we can rip live. Some products such as Prizm or any other new release may sell out and fill faster than other products.

If your break is Sold Out you will get a notification via email, eBay message or other method of communication regarding the approximate time of the first rip. All break times are subject to change. We also upload all break videos to our YouTube channel once complete.


Personal Breaks

Does SHAG offer "personal breaks?"

Absolutely we do. Typically we offer these at the end of the night after the regularly scheduled breaks are completed. The SHAG team is very flexible and will accommodate most requests. Basically, if we have the product available we will rip it for you (at the right price of course!). You may request a personal break before the scheduled break night, during the break itself or after the conclusion of the last scheduled break of the night.



When will my order ship?

The SHAG prides themselves on excellent customer service. Our goal is always to ship the next day following a break night. Expect a 3-5 business day turnaround, sometimes quicker depending on your location.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

If you live in the United States, no!

There may be added fees for shipments to Canada and Internationally. Please contact us directly if you are planning on participating and live outsides the United States. We'll arrange something to make sure you're able to participate in the fun!