All “Random Team” and “Pick Your Team” break sales are final. Refunds will only be given if a break is oversold or if an error is made by the breaker that results in too many spots being sold. Please do not purchase a team or spot in a break unless you are committed to staying in the break until it is full.

Once you have had a team selected for you via random break or you have purchased your team prior to a pick your team style break, you will be the proud owner of any and all cards from that team that come out of the break you have purchased. All cards ship.

There is a chance that your team will not receive any cards from the break you purchased, as we cannot guarantee the contents of any given sealed box of cards. In the event that the boxes/cases we open do not yield a card for the team(s) which you have drawn, you may not receive a card for that purchase. By purchasing a break at SHAG Sports Cards, you are agreeing to these terms. You are acknowledging that you understand the risk of not receiving a card if no card is pulled for your particular team(s).


We always do our best to make sure everyone has a great experience with us and try when possible to ensure that every spot receives something.

We ship all breaks the following business day. Shipping is included in the price of your purchase. However, the price of the break does not include insurance for your cards. We do not insure packages from breaks unless that service is requested and paid for by the buyer. If you would like your cards sent insured you can email us at shagsportscards@gmail.com to make arrangements. We always do our best to deliver your cards safely and securely and will do everything in our power to help if a package is lost in the mail. However, If you do not purchase insurance for your package we are not liable or responsible if the post office loses or damages your package.

We record all breaks and post them on to our YouTube channel: SHAG Sports Cards. You do not have to be present for the live break to receive your cards!

These are the standard formats and rules that we use for our group breaks:


Random Team “RT” and Random Division “RD” Group Break Rules

  • After all spots are full for the break, names and teams/divisions are entered into a list randomizer.
  • The lists will be randomized the number of times equal to that of both virtual dice.
  • Once the lists have been randomized, both lists are copied on to a spreadsheet and each name is matched up to a random team or division.
  • All base cards, hits, jerseys, patches, autographs, rookies, inserts and #d cards that come out for your team(s)/division(s) will be shipped to you.


Pick Your Team “PYT” Group Break Rules

  • Customers choose which team they want for the break. The price of teams is determined via eBay auction or in some cases, a fixed (Buy it Now) price. Any unsold teams from the SHAG Sports Cards eBay auction will be listed on the SHAG Sports Cards website or auctioned off live in the YouTube or Discord chatrooms.
  • All base cards, hits, jerseys, patches, autographs, rookies, inserts and #d cards that come out of the boxes for your team(s) will be shipped to you.


Other Group Break Rules

  • You are allowed to trade teams or divisions amongst each other prior to the start of the break. The breaker will indicate the trade window time which will usually be around 3-5 minutes. Once the first card card is shown, no trades will be allowed.
  • When a card is pulled that has multiple teams on it, the card will be randomized at the end of the break between the teams on the card that are in the break, unless the breaker states otherwise. If the decision for which buyer gets the card is any any different, the breaker will announce the rules prior to opening the first pack of the break.
  • Collegiate cards will go to the team that the player was drafted by.
  • In some cases, other types of breaks outside of the normal "RT" and "PYT" style breaks may be posted. Rules for these breaks will be outlined in the description of the break.