Break #1662 - 2021-22 Spectra Basketball TMALL 2-Box Break (3 RT)


Each spot purchased will be assigned 3 random teams.

**Skunk protection - Optic Blaster pack will be given to any spot that does not receive any cards in the break**


Live at 8PM EST -> Link below

8:00PM EST - 2022-23 Panini Select Basketball 2-Hobby Box PYT Break

8:25PM EST - 2022 Panini Chronicles Football 2-Hobby Box PYT Break

8:45PM EST - 2022 Panini Chronicles Football 1-Hobby Box RT Break

9:00PM EST - 2022-23 Panini Select Basketball 1-Hobby Box RT Break

9:15PM EST - 2021-21 Panini Spectra TMALL Basketball 2-Box 3RT Break + SKUNK PROTECTION

Box Break Details: will be used LIVE to determine who gets which team/division/player

-No limit on amount of entries purchased. 

-Recordings of live breaks will be posted on the SHAG Sports Cards YouTube channel for those who cannot view the live break.

-Cards featuring multiple players - We will use live to determine its owner with equal chances for all teams involved. (If a split/deal of sorts is agreed upon by all parties before a random, then we can sell and split funds)

Please message us with any questions or concerns.